SpareTime™ Wordy Search™

SpareTime™ Wordy Search™ is a classic word search puzzle game where players find words hidden on the game board.

2020 Version Features

  • 38 categories. Each category with over 100 words, updated monthly.
  • Easy to read interface and animations.
  • Words selectable in all directions.
  • Casual Game Mode: Randomly generated Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty.
  • Progress Game Mode: Complete levels in each category to get coins and keys.
  • Highlight Word Hint: Spend coins to highlights a random word on the board.
  • Highlight Letter Hint: Spend coins to highlight the chosen letter location.
  • Sounds: Background music and sound effects. Toggle on/off
  • Automatically saves game state and loads it when restarting app.

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Legacy Version Features

Word search game with several categories, difficulties, and game modes.

  • 10 categories and hundreds of words in each one.
  • 3 difficulties
  • Timed and Sequential game modes
  • Easy to read interface and animations.
  • Active game saves and resume on app reloads

SpareTime™ Wordy Search™ trailer uses music by: Mikael Manvelyan

Need Support?

If you are having trouble with this game, please go to our support forum and create a post with information about your issue and what kind of device you are using along with the version of your software.

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